About me

Grassroots: not adapted from or added to an existing facility or operation  totally new; the very foundation or source; the basic level of society or of an organization especially as viewed in relation to higher or more centralized positions of power

Merriam Webster

Educate, agitate, organize.


Thank you for visiting! As someone who cares deeply about social and environmental justice, my main goal here is to provide a creative, grassroots perspective that enlightens, educates and inspires towards action. My perspective, techniques and strategies draw upon my over 20 years of experience with activism and organizing, of which the past ten years have been spent focusing primarily on EJ, environmentalism and climate change. Please see “My Environmental Justice Story” page for more background information on my grassroots credentials & my personal connection to Environmental Justice. 

By “grassroots perspective” I’m referring to the point of view usually absent from cable news roundtable discussions. By “grassroots perspective” I mean that point of view and turn of mind originating and emanating directly from the frontlines, the base, from the margins. Root systems are usually taken for granted, yet their importance can’t be overstated. Without the grassroots, none of our social movements would exist. Unfortunately, as a consequence of gatekeeping, inequality in the education system and classism, most of the perspectives we receive from mainstream institutions and media reflect the viewpoints and strategies of those with the lions share of social & economic privilege. I am interested in joining the chorus of emerging grassroots voices rectifying this situation by providing a perspective that confronts rather than accommodates itself to systems of power and privilege.

This website exists for the purpose of creating a space for decentralized Environmental and Social Justice advocacy, education and community building. I aim to give voice to “underserved” communities and points of view that are usually excluded and marginalized from mainstream discussions and forums. I am offering environmental and social justice oriented educators, activists, community members, artists and organizers a grassroots perspective that includes the factual information and rhetorical tools you will need for effectively combating the disinformation that permeates our current social and political landscape. As an effective communicator, I rely on dynamic and engaging educational presentations, workshops, facilitated meetings, curated panel discussions and events to shift mindsets and inspire people to take action. But don’t take my word for it – please see my ‘Testimonials’ page to hear what others have to say.

Regarding systemic change, and how I see this project contributing to building a better world: for those of us who are interested in manifesting environmental justice and social justice, the primary battlefield of the moment is ideological. And so, this is my primary concern: the world of ideas. Because before we can take effective action, we must first be inspired or motivated by an idea. As you are reading this, concerted efforts are being made nationwide and worldwide to narrow our horizons and stifle the possibility of effective, transformative, justice oriented action. Many of these efforts revolve around the whitewashing and concealing of history, the denial of climate change, and the desire to obfuscate the current day realities created by systems of oppression. 

The forces of regression and oppression are well aware of the power of controlling the narrative, and that is why fossil fuel companies have spent decades and millions of dollars promoting the denial of climate science. Right-wing, billionaire funded outlets are today at the forefront of a well coordinated propaganda effort to entrench corporate power and white supremacy through the erosion of memory; FOX news has deservedly become somewhat of a meme and a symbol of these disinformation campaigns, but they have been joined by an ever growing number of dangerous “fake news” outlets and online spaces where racism, xenophobia and neo-fascism run rampant..

Consider this truism: “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

For communities most endangered by climate change, social inequality, neo-fascism and environmental harms, ignorance can be deadly. Ignorance is also problematic for those with social, political and economic privilege because their ignorance helps perpetuate harm – even if people are well meaning. Now more than ever we must have a clear understanding of the oppressive forces that impact people’s lives and what steps we can take to minimize harm to our communities and the most vulnerable. Thankfully, all over the world, historically marginalized communities are discovering their own power and taking control of their own destinies. My theory of change is centered on the belief that people power begins with the promotion and dissemination of justice-oriented ideas, values, creative methodologies and ways of knowing. This, in my opinion, is the foundation for systemic change.