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Part of my goal with this website is to break away from the notion that social justice and environmental justice work needs to be “professionalized”. The most effective and dedicated environmental justice leaders, advocates and activists are often from barely literate communities in the global south. For doctors, lawyers, engineers and other technical specialists, the qualifications demanded by mainstream society are unavoidable. For this sort of work, however, we must remember that we are often engaging with people whose expertise is gained outside of mainstream institutions. The absence of official recognition from some accredited institution does not mean that the work and conceptual basis of committed grassroots activists and educators are less rigorous or meaningful. Grassroots communities usually have not received equal access to the educational opportunities privileged people take for granted.

With all of the above in mind, I would urge you to base your decision about whether or not I’m qualified to educate about environmental justice on my portfolio itself. If you would like to know where I attended college and which environmental justice oriented trainings I’ve taken (like those I’ve done with Greenpeace), please feel free to contact me directly at ronwhyte215@gmail.com