Black Mesa Reflections, Part 1 & Part 2

Recorded while staying with Ida Mae Clinton near Teesto, AZ. (August 2013)

Ramona Africa on the Green Roots of MOVE

Interview with Ramona Africa on the core values that helped shape the MOVE organization. Important to revisit, especially considering the recent controversy surrounding the current day leadership and structure of the MOVE organization.

Harambe, Zoos, and the Cruel Economy of Civilization with Layla AbdelRahim

Many people were outraged after Harambe, a critically endangered silverback gorilla, was shot to death after a toddler fell into his enclosure. Layla AbdelRahim brings her unique perspective to this tragedy, encouraging us to examine the social forces and historical processes that led to the gorilla’s death and the subsequent demonization of the boy’s mother.

Along with John Zerzan, Layla AbdelRahim is one of today’s most intriguing anti-civ theorists. To access her writings and for more information on her work please visit her website: /layla.miltsov.org

Voices of the Keystone XL Pipeline Protest

Environmental activists and concerned individuals from a wide range of political and ideological positions converged on Washington D.C. to demand and end to the Keystone XL Pipeline. (February 2013)

Iresha Pecot & Black Doulas

Conversation with local Black doula & mental health professional on ways in which we can build alternative systems to meet the needs of our community. (July 2014)

Cindy Milstein on Embracing Radical Perspectives

Conversation with Cindy Milstein at Last Drop coffee shop during Occupy Philadelphia (November 2011)

What is White Supremacy? A Teach-in, Q&A, and Discussion

Daryle Lamont Jenkins and Philly Antifa presentation and Q&A at A-Space (February 2015)

Fracking & Public Health

Panel discussion, recorded at the University of Pennsylvania (March 2016)

Jeff Luers & James Kennedy Discuss Direct Action and Eco-Defense

Jeff Luers and James Kennedy discuss their organizing experiences and give advice on how to effectively protest.

Jeff Luers spent almost a decade behind bars as a political prisoner. After his release he has continued to speak out for justice and remains committed to radical tendencies.

James Kennedy is a concerned citizen and organizer with Protect The Peaks. He and other allies are working in solidarity with Native people to stop the desecration of sacred land on the San Francisco peaks. Reclaimed waste water will soon be converted into snow and dumped on the mountain, waste water that contains harmful bacteria and other dangers to public health.

ACT UP, Public Health & Environmental Justice

Recently, news of a baby cured of HIV has catapulted the HIV/AIDS issue back into headlines of the mainstream media. In the second half of my interview with Val Sowell, a member of ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) Philadelphia, we discuss this “miracle baby” and other exciting new developments; but first we talk about those who have been marginalized and who are currently in grave danger thanks to local and national austerity cuts to social service programs. (March 2013)

Civilized Racism With Layla AbdelRahim

Anna Brown, Treyvon Martin, and the origins of modern racism. (March 2012)