Presentations & Workshops

  • Environmental Justice and the Climate Crisis (beginner)
  • Environmental Justice and the Climate Crisis (advanced)
  • Disposable: “Filthadelphia” and Environmental Justice
  • Covid-19, Climate & Environmental Justice
  • Critical Race Theory for Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Justice & Public Health
  • Fossil Fuel Fascism: The Far Right & The Fight For Our Future
  • Introduction to Indigenous Solidarity
  • Gender, Sexuality and the Climate Crisis

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Curriculum outlines for each topic coming soon!


Ideal for those planning panel discussions or speaker/conversation series.

A one hour presentation includes prep time & 30 minute planning consultation.

A two hour interactive workshop is structured around provoking discussion and community co-learning; includes prep time and a one hour planning consultation.

Interactive story telling and moderated discussion based on predetermined readings or topic, either from the above list of offerings or in consultation with the host of the salon. Ideal for those seeking an in depth, more personal and interactive EJ experience that will inspire participants to explore the complexity of these subjects and take action.

Are you interested in hearing frontline youth perspectives on Environmental Justice? For double the rate you can support emerging leaders and organizers from underserved communities who would assist with and contribute to panels, workshops or salons. My rates are relatively low with the hope that organizations and individuals with available resources will consider this option.