I first met Ron when he joined the Creative Climate Leadership program Julie’s Bicycle ran in partnership with EcoArts and Arizona University in March 2020. Ron joined a team of highly motivated, talented and committed creative climate activists at the helm of transformational change. Ron’s powerful and pioneering approach to engaging young people in climate casualties, connecting to justice and fairness, and to action, is deeply relevant to us all. Ron’s extraordinary methods, his kindness, emotional intelligence, his  understanding of the perils we face and how to meet them with courage and integrity, is vital learning for us all. He continues to inspire the team at Julie’s Bicycle and the many communities that, together, the climate movement is mobilising. 

– Alison Tickell, Director of Julie’s Bicycle

This Grassroots Environmental Justice Education and Advocacy website is RAW, Righteous Advocacy Warriorism that exudes innate passion, intellect, and
years of “boots on the ground” experience, bringing awakened awareness to people and communities concerning critical hazards impacting our environment where we all breathe and live. With his genuine astuteness and patience, Ron has opened my eyes to the injustices being perpetrated on our climate and communities. I am looking forward to continuing my Environmental Justice journey with Ron as he is a proven “Beacon” in the fight to bring Justice for our climate and the eradication of industries that affect our living environment.

– Aminata Sandra Calhoun, Every Day Sustainable

Ron and I have collaborated on several environmental justice & social practice art projects with Mural Arts Philadelphia over the past few years. I’ve witnessed his commitment to raising awareness and building community, and I’ve seen how effective his presentation style is – very engaging. I highly recommend him for anyone interested in educating their community on the fundamentals of environmental justice.

– Gamar Markarian, Design Strategist

I have worked with Ron on a variety of organizing and other projects over the last ten years. Ron is a wise, principled, creative organizer and activist, willing to take calculated risks and hold others to a high standard of ethics and vision. He holds a vision for the city and works tirelessly to support the arising of a Philadelphia with greater justice and fairness. I have found Ron to be a gently fierce champion of justice, an intersectional thinker, and a kind and gracious member of community willing to extend himself for others.

– Lucy Duncan, Principal and Co-founder of reparationWorks

I’ve had the honor of working with Ron on a range of projects and causes across more than a decade now. Ron always answers the call, whether it’s an easy one — like participating in a meeting or showing up at an event — or a really hard one — like risking arrest or sleeping outside in the dead of winter. Ron’s never the guy trying to hog the spotlight though, he just does the work. His thoughtfulness and creativity make him an indispensable ally. He’s a consensus-builder who’s willing to bend when necessary, but he’s also deeply principled and would never compromise on core values or ethics. Ron is a great teacher, a curious learner, and a loyal friend. Anyone would be lucky to have him on their team.

– Nate Kleinman, Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance & Co-director of Experimental Farm Network

“Ron Whyte has been connecting racial and environmental justice in Philadelphia for many years. Early on identifying the local and regional damages of the city’s waste streams while recognizing the waste and racial equity issues caused by the city’s so-called redevelopment. Ron addresses these seemingly crushing issues with a positive energy that embraces art and creativity. This leads to positive change.” 

– Russell Zerbo, advocate with Clean Air Council

Ron and I met in the early days of Occupy Philly and bonded over the profound ecological crises that we face. Through the years, as I’ve watched the various forms of activism, organizing, and education that Ron has engaged in, his passion and dedication to addressing injustice in our society has been abundantly clear. While the subject matter may have been unsettling and difficult at times, I have always felt comfortable diving into the depths of our society with Ron.

– Dusty Hinz, Co-Founder of Experimental Farm Network